Here in New Zealand, Spring is upon us and we are surrounded by glorious, life affirming energy and rebirth in our already breathtaking natural landscape.

We have the joys of new buds, blooms and bouncy lambs to fill our cups, and there is that powerful sense of rebalance that comes when we finally emerge from the long winter months to witness this seasonal awakening.

And at this special time of year it's easier to notice our intimate connection to nature's cycles too. Who doesn't feel more dynamic, hopeful and expressive as the world opens up to life again? Who doesn't feel an inner shift that gives fresh perspective to the darker days of winter?

Nurture springtime fullness with essential oils

So now is the perfect time to talk about life and body balance - right here as we are especially conscious of the natural forces that shape both our inner and outer world. Because with pure organic essential oils we actually have a version of the same life forces at our disposal and it is possible to use them towards synchronising body energies more effectively for a greater experience of dynamic health and equilibrium.

When you are feeling the need to cast off the heavier, sluggish moods that can seep in with the colder months, chances are you will begin to unconsciously seek out the spring smells and sensations that help to stir up the drive for change. I don't know about you, but that unmistakable sweet blast of the first Citrus blossoms never fails to have me breathing in and out with renewed optimism and vigour.

And so it is with certain essential oils. The citrus oils, for example, all bring about a powerful physiological reaction through aroma alone. It makes sense of course... the sunshine fruits bring lift, vitality and clarity in their energetic blueprint.

And there are other essential oils that offer yet further therapeutic benefit to complement awakening senses and a redressing of balance.


As soon as you start to use essential oils to enhance your health and wellbeing, you become aware of your body in a deeper, more connected way. This is because aromatherapy has an effect on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

The pure organic essential oils that we use for therapeutic benefit work in harmony with the molecular patterns in our own biological makeup: aroma molecules reach the brain to stimulate responses in the nervous system; plant hormones talk to our endocrine system; nutrient compounds stimulate cell regeneration; and auto-immune devices support our own immune process.

There couldn't be a more complete way to enhance the potential for vitality and natural health that stirs within us with the birth of a new-year cycle.

Spring cleansing, mental cobwebs and heightened sensuality.

Here are a few handpicked essential oils that I highly recommend to help you really embrace the season's positive changes - and to use at any other time that you feel the need to re-align with the rhythms of your natural life energy.

lemon essential oil

Lemon Essential Oil (certified organic) Citrus limonum

This is the morning wake-up call, the trumpet of spring. It is wonderfully invigorating, not only through its aroma on our mood and alertness but also on a molecular level for healthy circulation and body tone. It has anti-oxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which make it a powerful natural cleanser.

Add 3-5d (drops) to drinking water to cleanse systems and boost immunity. Diffuse 10d to purify the air and uplift the senses. Add 3-5d to a wet cloth post shower and rub to cellulite zones. Also use around the home to enhance your natural environment: add 10d to water for disinfectant, or to water and natural soap for eco-cleaning.

Bergamot Oil (certified organic) Citrus auranthium var. bergamia

Bergamot is like the clear blue sky. Both fresh and calming, pure Bergamot essential oil brings restorative qualities to the trademark lift of citrus. Diffuse 3-5d to lighten the mood with calm and clarity, and because it helps to curb craving, this particular aroma is one to remember if you want to leave the stodgy winter food behind and eat more healthily too.

You can also make a therapeutic body deodorant by using 3d with 2d Lemon in 5mls Jojoba or Aloe Vera Gel (not if you are exposing that area to sunshine straight after though as any Citrus Oil can cause photosensitivity).

Ylang Ylang (certified organic) Cananga odorata formagenuina

Of course, there is the sensuality of springtime. Pure organic Ylang Ylang is an intimate aroma that both awakens and relaxes the physical body. It is a wonderful oil to use as you emerge from the cold and confines of winter to really allow the pleasure of feeling in your skin and opening up your senses to life's fullness.

Use it to let go of limitation and frustration, and move into abundance and flow. Add 3-5d to a diffuser or bath; or 1d to pulse points.

Geranium Rose Oil (certified organic) Pelargonium roseum

And like the arrival of the year's first blossoms, Geranium Rose brings a sweet, soft touch that is wonderfully therapeutic on mood and emotions. Use it for a sense of lift and gentle release that will help to dissipate pent-up feelings and restore positivity.

Diffuse 5-6d to create a therapeutic atmosphere and tonic for nerves; add 5-10d to the bath to help restore winter skin and balance hormones.

Women Support (certified organic)

Finally, since we are talking about balance, this is a blend that you will appreciate at any time of year. It is a synergy specifically crafted to complement female balance with support for the nervous and endocrine systems, and a wonderful tonic overall effect.

Use it to help redress the balance of hormone swings and times of emotional stress and anxiety. Massage 10d with 5ml of body oil. 5d to hot wet cloth for compress to lower back, or 10d for diffusion or bath.

Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value.