I cannot tell you how happy I am that over the past few years there has been a groundswell of support for the eco-movement. For as long as I can remember, I have been making conscious choices for a cleaner, greener planet. And this extends to all facets of my life: personal and professional.

Of course it follows that at my business – Absolute Essential – we have a policy to ‘reduce, reuse & recycle’ wherever we can. The company was founded 30 years ago with green principles at heart, and every day we absolutely live and breathe it.

From the sourcing, processing and packaging of our essential oils, right down to our communication, delivery and office protocols, we are committed to running a business that is both socially and environmentally responsible (you can read more about our philosophy here).

And although sustainable choices are often not the easiest nor cheapest to make, this is the path we choose. Always.

Here’s an example.

I was at the printers recently, going over the details of the latest print run for our product catalogue. It was suggested that we move away from our usual 100% post-consumer recycled paper stock onto a more ‘economical’ option – but I politely refused. Yes, of course, it would save us money in the short term. But long term, saving the planet (and our trees) is more important. Don’t you agree?

It’s little decisions such as these that add up to make a difference. We all have the power (and a duty) to do the right thing environmentally. As the famous American inventor and futurist R. Buckminster Fuller said, “On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers: everyone is crew.”

So sitting at the printers, and reading through the spec sheet for paper stock we’re using once again for the catalogue (Cocoon Uncoated, chlorine free, FSC* certified, 100% post-consumer recycled), I was reminded why this choice matters.

From protecting our forests to easing pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there are only good reasons to go down the recycled paper route. We use it everywhere we can - not just for our marketing material, but for all our product packaging too. Compared to using virgin fibre paper, 100% post-consumer recycled paper saves 100% of the trees, 31% of the energy, 53% of the water, and produces 39% less solid waste.

Or, put another way - using 1 ton of Cocoon Offset instead of a virgin paper, we are saving the equivalent of:


You can’t argue with that!
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- Dr Bo Hendgen

* Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – an international body using sustainability principles to guide its forest management, including protecting the rights of workers and indigenous peoples whose local communities depend upon and are impacted by the forests.