The team at Absolute Essential is delighted to be acknowledged for its long and determined commitment to sustainable business and win the Sustainability Award at the Natural Products New Zealand industry summit sponsored by Label and Litho.

The family-grown business based in Muriwai Beach Auckland NZ has become a leading specialist in guaranteed medicinal grade Therapeutic Plant Oils with international expansion adding testament to its success. The company’s roots in helping to establish pure and organic standards for natural healthcare in New Zealand point to a well-laid foundation of sustainable ethics. This combined with a professional strategic plan for sustainability integrated across all levels of activity (from production and premises, to packaging and display) ensures an array of environmental achievements locally and globally, as well as people initiatives that nurture community health and powerful mutual partnerships.

Dr. Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D., founder of Absolute Essential said: “We couldn’t be happier.  Sustainability is something we all feel very passionately about and the concept of sustainable practice is something we have worked very hard at to fully realize. The goal has always been to contribute towards a positive and permanent difference in people’s lives and it is an honour to receive recognition of our efforts.”

The Natural Products New Zealand judges felt that Absolute Essential’s entry offered an exemplary profile of sustainable business in action. “We were overwhelmed by the professionalism of this entry, it is undoubtedly a business that other companies could take lessons in sustainability from,” they commented.

Dr. Bo Hendgen D.O. N.D. added: “I started Absolute Essential 26 years ago and its natural path was one that demanded strong environmental ethics and principals of sustainability, organics and purity, which to me of course had to include ethical fair trading and an empowering community focus. The certified organic or ‘wild grown’ ingredients we use originate from 56 different countries and mainly through small eco-friendly businesses.  I’ve always strived to promote stewardship and conscious life choices and winning this award gives me a tremendous sense of personal fulfillment and pride in my team.”

We were judged on these relevant principles of sustainability in business:

  1. Maintaining and, if possible, enhancing your people’s quality of life.
  2. Enhancing economic vitality - essential to sustainability.
  3. Promoting social equality and mutual partnership.
  4. Maintaining and, if possible, enhancing the quality of the environment.
  5. Using a consensus-building, participatory process for decisions.

The Awards were the culmination of the 14th annual New Zealand Natural Products Summit, which attracted natural health specialists, research organisations, government agencies, large and small manufacturers and marketers of well-known brands including Comvita, Blackmores, Vitaco, and Lifestream.