autumn colours

Autumn is of course a joy unto itself. Organic harvests and gorgeous crisp clear days - there really is nothing finer than those super-blue skies and the stunning golden-hued landscapes that abound here in New Zealand.

I love the impromptu stops along the road for home-grown harvest goods that keep the daily menu super healthy and interesting.

Of all the seasons, autumn is when I find myself most awakened to the joy of breathing-up the fresh outdoors. You know what I mean, right? Stretch your back into straightness after a dig in the veggie patch… climb to the top of a hill… and then comes a moment of oneness with the crisp, clear landscape and a spontaneous urge to pull in the air from your belly to the top of your lungs.

Though you breathe in and out every second of every day with no great drama, suddenly you are revelling in the absolute vitality and pleasure of that single life breath, and letting it out with a profound sigh of peace and wellbeing…

The cool autumn air holds the key to winter wellness

We all have a natural capacity to appreciate the elemental effects of the healthy deep breath.

And the importance of healthy breathing can never be underestimated when we talk about general wellbeing. Every fundamental body function is powered by the breath and it is the quality of our breathing more than anything else that dictates the quality of our life experience.

Which is why to me autumn and winter wellness are inextricably connected. Right now is when we are still in that dynamic place of outdoor summer days, coupled with cool, refreshing air that fortifies our whole system and enhances our sense of vitality.

There is no better time to nurture our life force against the oncoming winter months and the common winter ills that attack specifically our respiratory health.

Pure essential oils offer the perfect protection for respiratory and immune systems

Of all the many health benefits to be found in pure essential oils, perhaps the most widely appreciated are the powerful aromatic properties that have a direct impact on the respiratory and immune systems.

Think of Eucalyptus, for example, and immediately we remember that vigorous cleansing scent with the power to inspire deep full breath. It is no accident that it has become one of the most popular ingredients for the most common of ailments: cough, cold, flu etc.

But it is not just Eucalyptus. There is in fact a whole range of compatible essential oils that can be used to support winter wellness and respiratory care.

The reason that these certain essential oils are so well suited to treat respiratory ills is that they have naturally occurring molecular compounds with very relevant healing properties…

…anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-spasmodic, decongestant, analgesic etc…

… and these properties are carried easily and naturally deep into the respiratory system either directly through inhalation of vapors, and also into the bloodstream by absorption through the skin (by blending essential oils with a suitable body oil).

Pure essential oil blends fortify the body and cleanse the air you breathe

The unique advantage that we gain by using pure essential oils is that they are 100% natural substances and are compatible with natural body functions.

We can easily and safely incorporate them into our lives to support strong natural defenses and healthy breathing when we are most likely to need the extra care.

When we diffuse pure essential oils into our living spaces, for example, the natural compounds help to inhibit airborne germs and we create an environment that enhances our natural desire to breathe deeply.

As we breathe more deeply this essential oil enhanced air, we increase the oxygen in our bodies to fortify body functions, and simultaneously we integrate natural compounds that add power to the body's natural defenses.

A range of pure essential oils will give specific, focused support for healthy breathing

At Absolute Essential we have a range of 'respiratory' oils to work with and it is possible to use them in a variety of ways to improve natural heath and resistance to illness.

immune care essential oil

Immune Care (or milder Child Immune Care) can enhance respiration and stimulate the immune system - good to start right now, to really power the benefits of those precious fresh outdoor days. A weekly bath or a gentle night time diffusion is so easy to do.

When the germs really are buzzing around, you can diffuse it in your living and working spaces to protect against the germ-spreading of sneezes and coughing.

When you first feel the signs of coming down with something you can also use Immune Plus to help knock it on the head.

Of course, the same fortifying, cleansing properties will serve you well throughout illness too to help support fast recovery - they can be transported directly and naturally to the heart of the issue. We breathe the vapors direct to congestion and irritation; straight into the nasal passages; deep into the lungs.

For adults you can get a powerful blast of cleansing for sinus problems - a steam inhalation with Eucalyptus is good but a blend like Inhale has a full arsenal of the most suitable pure essential oils that can help with the range of painful issues involved, such as inflammation, irritation, infection and congestion.

inhale essential oil

For a chesty cough, again you could simply use Eucalyptus but a blend that includes relaxing and tonic essential oils, like those that you will find in our Breathe Well synergy, will also help to bring relaxation and calm for a more complete, restorative effect.

breathe well essential oil

If you have a young family to take care of, you will probably be expecting more than your fair share of winter ills. What I and many other mothers have found is that you can very often get away with simply using child-friendly all-natural synergies like Baby Breathe and Sleep Easy to get through it all more comfortably and quickly (not to mention avoiding many of the not-so-great pharmaceuticals specifically aimed at children).

Once they become acquainted with these blends, you will find that your children themselves ask for them and respond well to the general nurture and aromatic calming that they bring.

sleep easy essential oil

Our essential oil blends are versatile and easy to use… inhalation on cloth or by steam; diffusion (with the added bonus that the air is cleansed of airborne germs); therapeutic bath (15 mins max); or add 1 drop to 1 ml of carrier oil (eg. Sweet Almond oil) for a chest/back rub.


Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential