After a recent blog on first aid and primary home care, a question has come up about which essential oils are the best to use for travelling.

At first I thought we were more or less talking about the same thing, but the query was especially focused on the challenges we face when we are on the move. And when I got to thinking about it there were a few main differences that really stand out. For example…

baby in car travel absolute essential

Who doesn’t have one of those horror stories of car-sick kids?

Or torturous experiences of round-the-clock marathons in airport terminals?

Or maybe you get swollen ankles that leave you struggling to get your shoes back on?

The point is that there are specific wellness issues that come up when we step out from our comfort zones. And yes, we can definitely create a quick easy travel kit for healthy natural balance along the way (this being the minimalist version for the hand bag/briefcase, you would still do well to take along some first aid staples that I mentioned in my first aid and primary home care post, such as Lavender and Tea Tree).

Travel Issue

Essential Oil

Nausea & Queasiness

Peppermint – rub a drop or two to the solar plexus, or one drop on the tongue.

Upset Stomach/Indigestion

Peppermint – add a few drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil (your own moisturiser will do) and massage clockwise to stomach.

Swollen Ankles

Cypress–massage direct to feet and calves, or add drops carrier oil. (Combine with Peppermint also).

Stress & Anxiety

Cypress– add drops to cloth and inhale.

Jet Lag/Driving Fatigue

CypressPeppermint – blend a few drops each in carrier oil & massage to pulse points. Or drop pure to collar or cloth for inhalation.


Use Cypress in your moisturiser to disinfect hands. Add to water to rinse dishes, rinse fruit and wash wounds.

Stiffness & Muscle Aches

Peppermint – massage a few drops into affected area. Or in carrier oil for more sensitive skin.

Cypress – add a few drops pure or to a ¼ teaspoon of carrier oil and massage in. Can combine also with Peppermint.


Cypress – add drops to cloth and inhale, or for steam inhalation.

Insect bites & Repellent

Peppermint Cypress – blend a few drops each in carrier oil for repellent. Also cooling and calming on bites.

One of the great things about using essential oils in your first aid/travel kit is that they are small and versatile. Pure essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. For most applications you are only using a few drops at a time, so two little bottles will keep you going for a long time, and will take up hardly any space at all.

Peppermint Oil (organic)Once you have discovered Peppermint beyond the powers of breath freshening, you will never look back. That super freshening, cleansing blast works on an energetic level to help restore balance and calm in a number of different ways. It includes the natural power of inherent analgesic, antiseptic, decongestant and stimulant properties. Peppermint has a strong scent that is suffocating to insects.

Cypress (organic)
The active properties in Cypress will promote healthy circulation and fluid reduction. It is cleansing, deodorizing and tonic. Cypress also has powerful antiseptic properties and a deep aroma that aids respiratory health, plus a cleansing effect on nerves and mental traffic that is used to encourage natural calm. Like Peppermint, Cypress scent is suffocating for insects.

At Absolute Essential, we often talk about the power of synergy – using a combination of essential oils in a blend to increase the therapeutic benefit. For people who have a little extra luggage space, we have some focused blends that take you beyond the possibilities of single essential oils.

Travelwell Essentials, though designed for air travel, has three products that translate to any kind of long journey. Travelwell Awake is a blend to refresh energy and wake you up. Travel well Slumber is to help you relax for sleep after body-clock disruption. And Inflight Relief Cream is especially for those swollen ankles and throbbing feet.

Bugs Repel is a fully natural plant-based repellent. Effective and safe for family use. Add drops to your moisturiser or diffuse to create a no bug zone. Also available in spray.

Whichever way you decide to go, remember that natural equilibrium is best achieved with pure natural ingredients. Always buy from a reputable natural health products store, preferably certified organic.

A large range of Therapeutic Plant Oils are available at www.absoluteessential.com and at select retail outlets. Absolute Essential is an eco-ethical company with over 20 year’s expertise in Holistic Healthcare.