Of all the non-religious traditions that we have in our modern culture, I would say that Mother’s Day is the most likely to bring us to a place of true reverence and gratitude.

Even with a multi-million consumer spend attached to it, Mother’s Day connects us to arguably the most universal experience of love known to human kind.

As a parent, the day causes me to reflect on the journey of mothering with the same awe and appreciation that my children are encouraged to show to me. Nothing I ever did has been more difficult, more demanding, more terrifying, or more challenging than motherhood. And nothing so infinitely rewarding.

But is it true that mothers of the new millennium face a harder task at mothering than ever before?

One survey I found was entirely based on how different sectors of our society judged whether parents (principally mothers) were doing a better or worse job than past generations… in varying percentages the general opinion was in the negative but what exactly this tells us, if anything, I’m not sure.

There are various parenting surveys out there that tell us that modern life has made it harder for parents to manage stress and cope with the challenges than at any other time. Of the issues expressed the recurring themes seem to be:

1) Loss of community and extended family
2) Greater working and economic pressures
3) Greater dangers on the streets
4) Less control over influences of violence and immorality through media/ social networks

One survey I found was entirely based on how different sectors of our society judged whether parents (principally mothers) were doing a better or worse job than past generations… in varying percentages the general opinion was in the negative but what exactly this tells us, if anything, I’m not sure.

Except that perhaps one of the biggest changes that brings the greatest pressure is:

5) The rising in consciousness around what we do and the consequences involved

There is for sure much truth to the old adage of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Nowadays, a ‘good’ mother is someone who is apparently able to do all of the following:

  • Be aware of and wise to all of her children’s developmental stages
  • To practice such things as unconditional parenting’ and ‘non-violent communication’ (despite generations of conditional parents and violent communicators)
  • To have a handle on basic nutrition, health and psychology
  • To have a business mind and an open heart
  • To manage a multi-tasking, busy schedule, and yet…
  • Connect and love with calm and presence

All this with no visible window of opportunity for any personal space whatsoever!

It’s no wonder that the traditional Mother’s Day gifts hold little relevance for the modern day mother. Flowers? Jewellery? Breakfast in bed? No thanks, they said…just minutes peace!

Most popular Mother’s Day rewards bandied about in social media conversations last year settled around the dream of genuine pampering and some private timeout.

My own spin on all this is that holistic health care has a really important role to play in getting us through this unchartered territory safely and well.  As we move into the new era of more conscious parenting, we need to protect and nurture ourselves, as much as we do our children.

In fact, I would say that our own efforts of self-development and genuine personal care are the main things that our children need to see from us, in order to enter adulthood with the necessary insight to navigate their own healthy pathways.

This is why it is so important to phase out the hitherto unknown toxins that we live with

Why one restorative yoga class or massage or Reiki session… just one a month is worth it. Why we can remind ourselves, before taking on another work commitment, that expensive educations and extra-curricular activities are not more important than a healthy balance in our own life priorities.

In my work as holistic health care practitioner I have been using therapeutic plant oils for over twenty years to support mothers in their endless task of nurture and protection. Not just on their babies and their children, but also on them.

Early on it became clear that the relationship between healthy mother and healthy babies was inseparable. And the medicinal value of 100% pure essential oils has proven to be a powerful and accessible tool for supporting and protecting a mother in her increasingly relentless 24/7 job.

The main reason this is so, is because it is holistic health care

We can integrate with human systems to support natural healing, restoration, vitalization and relaxation. There are direct links with pure essential oils and emotional and mental processes. And as well as creating therapeutic blends for specific health issues, these are organic plant ingredients that we can use to make luxurious personal care products that go far beyond basic hygiene or surface vanities.

Because for sure, it is not just about one day in the year

Mothers need support on as many levels as possible, now more than ever. I recommend the raw materials of natural health products not only for health and personal care but also for cleaning, washing and therapeutic home enhancement.

Mothers Day does however present a wonderful opportunity to start the right changes

Our top three individual gifts for mums are:

Sweet Rose, Deep Relax Massage Oil (or for pregnant and nursing mums Maternity Massage Balm).

And our most popular gift selection is:

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And if you are a mum yourself, don’t forget to be generous with you first. Job number one.

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