When people ask me how old I am, and I say I’m in my mid 50’s, they’re usually quite taken aback. You see my skin is in great shape - healthy and glowing, with a relatively even tone and very few wrinkles. Maybe this ‘good complexion’ is down to my genes, but I think it’s also a lot to do with my skincare routine, which for years has revolved around careful, daily nurturing using a select group of therapeutic plant oils.

While I’m no expert on beauty, I do have a wealth of knowledge around the power of natural botanicals and the extraordinary properties they possess. So here I’d like to share some of my personal favourites with you, and offer five great tips for keeping your skin beautiful, rejuvenated, hydrated and healthy (into your 50’s - and beyond!)

#1 I always start my day with a generous application of this special facial blend. It’s my own recipe, it’s light and non-greasy (so it can be worn under make up), and it has our Organic Absolute Massage Cream as a base, which is quickly absorbed and incredibly nurturing and gentle on the face.

Take 1 tsp Absolute Massage Cream (organic), and stir in 5 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Sandalwood and 5 drops Rose Maroc. Use a gentle ‘dap and tap’ method to apply. Start with your T-zone and work outwards towards your neck and hairline. Then use the tips of your fingers to pat and spread it to places that need extra attention.

father and daughter sleeping absolute essential

#2 I’m a big fan of our Rejuvenating Face Serum, as it’s suitable for all skin types and especially therapeutic for tired, stressed skin. I use it after cleansing and toning in the evening as an effortless (all-in-one) overnight restorative. It incorporates some of nature's most potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids (omegas 3 and 9), and offers intense hydration and nourishment to replenish natural vitality for softer, suppler, younger-looking skin. It’s wonderful stuff! Even better, you can get it at 20% OFF until the end of October 2017.

Put 5-10 drops of Rejuvenating Face Serum into base of your palm (depending on how dry your skin is), then using your fingertips, gently massage into the face, neck and décolletage area.

#3 If ever my eyes are feeling a little tired or puffy (especially when I’ve been travelling or have had too many late nights) I give them some extra love (and sparkle!) with Absolute Eye Soothe: an exceptional blend of pure distilled waters imbued with the cooling, cleansing properties of some of our finest medicinal plants - including Chamomile, Rose and Lavender.

Spray Absolute Eye Soothe directy into eye or apply to cotton wool and rest on eyes for 10 minutes.

#4 Argyle White Clay Powder is a fine French powder that works to increase blood circulation and the flow of oxygen to healthy tissue (thus assisting nutrition, repair, regeneration and general resilience to infection). It makes an amazing masque for the face and neck as it is naturally detoxifying, antiseptic, curative and balancing. It also absorbs excess oil, exfoliates, rehydrates, leaving pores cleaned-out and closed-up. I like to apply this treatment weekly, however fortnightly or monthly is also fine, depending to your skin type. Here’s my recipe:

Take 1 tsp Argyle White Clay Powder (place it in a small ceramic bowl), and stir in 1 tsp Rose Floral Water, 10 drops of Rose Hip Oil and one drop of Rose Maroc essential oil. Apply to the face and leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

#5 I try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but a little extra firming and toning of "problem areas" never goes astray - and essential oils can definitely help with this. After you shower, while your skin is still damp, you can apply 3-5 drops of essential oil/s to a damp cloth and rub directly to the body areas you most want to ‘wake up’ and tone. Alternatively you can 3-5 add drops of pure organic essential oil/s to a palm serving of your existing lotion (or better still, to one of our excellent carriers such as Organic Castor, Organic Jojoba or Organic Sweet Almond Oil, and apply as normal. A few of my favourites include:

Organic Grapefruit – great for toning and conditioning the skin and mobilising sluggish, fatty tissue areas for natural detoxification.
Organic Fennel - clears out toxins, reduces water retention, and has a hugely effective toning and cleansing effect on the skin that is both balancing and smoothing. *NB: not suitable during pregnancy or for epileptics.
Organic Juniper Berry - calming and reinforcing on body systems but it also works as a deep cleansing agent promoting various natural detoxification processes. It also has astringent properties that assist to promote healthy skin tone.

If you don’t want to purchase individual ingredients, you can invest in one of our great clinical blends: Cell Tone pure essential oil blend (for morning post-shower application, as above). And Cell Slim Body Oil, particularly good as a nighttime moisturising massage to complement the effects of Cell Tone.

For genuine therapeutic benefit, make sure you buy 100% pure essential oils from a trustworthy natural health store, certified organic if possible. See our selection of nearly 100% organic and wild products at