Has the onset of Autumn left your skin and hair dry and frazzled?

Then look no further as here at Absolute Essential we are challenging the norm of winter health care this season, with our medicinal-grade therapeutic plant based oils.


As market leaders in our specialty of therapeutic plant extracts, we have found three raw ingredients that are incredibly effective in the conditioning and replenishing of skin and hair. This is especially important in winter with the effects of drying cold air.

One of our best products to battle the winter drying is our virgin organic Golden Jojoba Oil

This is not really an oil, but a liquid wax and is incredibly close to sebum in composition which allows it to be absorbed in seconds, having no greasy effect.

Dermatological tests show that Jojoba is a powerful natural emollient that soothes the skin, while increasing suppleness by 45%, as well as measurably reducing facial lines.

Sensitive skin tolerates Jojoba Oil

Even if you suffer from sensitive skin, Jojoba Oil is a great product as it is well tolerated by the skin with its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It helps to un-clog your pores and remove residues, as well as protecting your skin and hair against moisture loss.

So when your skin and hair are challenged by the harsh conditions of our coldest season, Jojoba Oil is a direct and effective means of restoring and maintaining healthful natural balance.

Even if a product has great natural ingredients, the minute you include anything artificial you are delivering harmful particles deep into the natural structures that you were hoping to enhance. The best way to help the body with summer dryness is to be straightforward about what it really needs.

How to use Jojoba Oil

Massage directly into your hair and scalp at night, and rinse out in the morning; or apply to your face with cotton wool, as a cleanser and moisturiser. You can also use it as a base carrier, safely adding other essential oils to benefit from their therapeutic value and natural aroma.

Two of our other recommendations would be:

Organic Rosemary Cineol

This has a fresh, herbaceous scent and its inherent properties are stimulating and rejuvenating for both skin and hair. The primary influence for this oil is to aid healthy circulation, an essential part of effective vitality and renewal. Add to your base of Jojoba – 1 drop to 1ml (also 5 drops in the bath for a skin boost).

Organic Palmarosa

This adds a gentle floral hue and has stimulating properties that promote cell regeneration. It is also cleansing and works gently as an antiseptic, while at the same time balancing and moisturising.

Apply as above, or combine in equal parts with Rosemary.

Whether you are looking for a great all round product to carry your beauty regime through winter, or if you are already suffering from the effects of the drying air, know that you only have to look at the beautiful pure products that nature provides for an answer.


A large range of Therapeutic Plant Oils are available at and at select retail outlets. Absolute Essential is an eco-ethical company with over 20 year’s expertise in Holistic Healthcare.