Here, in New Zealand, comes spring time!

Can you feel the bounce creeping into your step?

Join me, if you will, in harnessing the benefits of this tremendous surge of natural energy around us.

It’s time for a personal spring clean and throw-out session, to get in touch with your physical body and to ride the wave of your own burst of natural vitality.

It’s time to feel good naked!

Every body type can feel fabulous

Having just returned from a trip to Europe and, in particular, an intimate spell with French cheese and pastries tagged on the end of winter, I know it’s really time for some focused body maintenance.

Now, I’m never going to  be a size 10 any more, but I have done this before.

I know that a little exercise, a healthy detox and a body-care focus using luxurious, nutritional plant oils, and well-chosen cleansing essential oils, can revolutionise my in-the-skin experience and overall sense of fitness.

Giving my body focused attention and boosting the natural spring time kick, always makes me feel sensational, and pushes my motivation and metabolism into a higher gear for year-long benefits.

There is no rule that says you have to be a supermodel before you can dance around in your birthday suit, so I say ‘let’s go for it’!

Spring into feel great fitness with pure natural-health ingredients


I use the term ‘diet’ purely in the nutritional sense. To complement a shift in body energy and wellness, basically you want to increase your intake of:

  • FISC vegetables and fruit (Fresh, In-Season and Colorful)

and you don't want any:

  • PEW foods (Processed, Empty and White)

This translates as lots of gorgeous, varied vegetables (organic and even homegrown, though my own garden selection is not ready for harvesting), with strong colours that indicate good detox properties and vitamins.

I recommend a quick detour to 5aday.co.nz where you will find a search format for in-season fruit and vegetables by months of the year. At each image, you can click for additional information including seasonal varieties and nutrition charts.

When it comes to carbohydrates, so long as you avoid PEWs, you don’t need to be stingy. NZ Nutrition Foundation gives sensible information if you want some guidance. But a cup of whole grain rice, or a whole wheat roll counts as one of six servings a healthy adult should be eating each day.

And stay away from carbs after 5pm, preferrably.

For my focused ‘spring clean’ I will be avoiding diary and gluten. I'll focus on eating legumes, nuts and seeds for my protein intake, as a vegetarian.

I also like to invest in a good stock of mountain spring water to make sure I support an efficient detox flush, with at least three litres of pure drinking water each day.


Ministry of health guidelines are not Olympian standards. We can do this!

For extra health benefits: 5 hours of moderate exercise spread over the week or 2 ½ hours of vigorous physical activity.

What I tend to do when I want to up-the-anti on my frequent half hour walks, is find time for a good hour walk at least three times a week. This is wonderfully life-affirming in the beautiful NZ springtime, rather than a dreaded challenge.

I also fit in maybe a couple of half hour sessions of swimming (local pool, not beach right now – I’m not that keen!).

If I’m digging the garden, that counts. It doesn’t have to be a boring hour on the treadmill every day.

Of course my horse riding counts for more than exercise, it's my meditation and my sport. And, I get to hang out with all my four-legged friends (my beloved dogs) who love to follow us wherever we go.

If you read my last blog post, you will also know that I am an advocate of yoga. Yoga is great for improving strength, body definition and, of course, holistic wellbeing.

How Pure Plant Oils and organic ingredients can boost your spring fitness

With all the important foundations laid, what can Absolute Essential bring to the spring dynamic?

Since we are in this together, let me tell you exactly what I reach for after many years of perfecting my seasonal body wake-up program.

A drop of Lemon in my drinking water, 5-10 drops in the morning diffuser, 3 drops on the soapy loofer.

This is a super vitality oil with great detox properties.

Add up to 30 drops with pure Almond Oil to support lymph cleansing with massage (light body strokes in direction of heart).

Apply 5 drops to a damp cloth after showering and rub in to areas that need extra toning. Use as Lemon above or in combination for same final dosage. A wonderful detox choice with revitalising properties to enhance natural tone and skin health.

This is one of our most popular clinical blends with a super synergy of body-health compounds. It supports natural lymphatic detox and healthy cell dynamics for reduced water retention, and the efficient breakdown of fat deposits.

Instead of the single essential oil option (above) I like to use 5 drops of this blend on a damp cloth for a quick easy rub down after the morning shower. It is really invigorating and leaves an uplifting citrus afterglow.

Again, this is the ready-made option that I like to use instead of combining separate ingredients for body care (see above). I have packed it with all the powerful cell-health essential oils and complemented it with luxurious pure plant oils, that are super soothing and nutritious for the skin.

I’ll use Cell Tone in the morning and Cell Slim Oil at night before bed. I love how such a pleasurable experience and minimal effort can take away winter ‘sluggishness’ and make my body feel wonderfully supple and silky-smooth.

Some of you might remember the Facebook 10-day detox challenge that I posted a few years back. Well, I still swear by it, so here is the recipe again because I will be doing my annual ritual, same as always…

  • 1 tsp of Argyle White Clay in a large glass of 1/3 Rose Hydrosol and 2/3 pure water. Stir and stand overnight.
  • In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink the water (without stirring it) and leave the clay sediment.
  • Refill the glass and stir up the clay sediment again. Leave to settle. And then later drink only the water again.
  • Repeat up to 6 x during the day.
  • Before bedtime, you can stir and drink it all with any remaining sediment - before it settles.
  • Then use new clay for the following day and repeat.

In addition you can make up a paste with the same ingredients to make a skin-cleansing mask. For face or whole body, it leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth, supple and clean – I highly recommend it.

So, are you feeling inspired yet?

Write me on chat here (blue tab, bottom right corner) and we can compare notes and motivate each other!


Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential