For many of us, feeling festive this time of year is not always easy. Financial pressures, family politics, non-stop socialising, stress and exhaustion caused by the sheer effort of trying to make everything ‘merry and bright’ can leave us feeling low.

Which is why we need to remember the big picture. A happy Christmas isn’t about how many presents we buy, how sparkly the tree is or whether the festive fare is restaurant-grade. It’s about spending time with the ones we love. Celebrating, relaxing and having FUN.

Speaking of which, have you ever played games with your family on Christmas day? I find it’s a wonderful way to diffuse tension, encourage laughter and bring everyone closer (see link below for some simple, non-commercial ideas).

I also think it’s vitally important this time of year to take time out for self care; to nurture the body, mind and spirit with therapeutic scents that encourage good health and a positive, happy mood. (After all, it’s hard to spread the joy if you’re not feeling joyful yourself!) So here are a few of my top picks – just for you - for the festive season.

Fatty foods are hard to avoid around Christmas time and they tend to play havoc with the digestive system. So our 100% organic Rosemary Cineol essential oil is a great corrective, as it supports the healthy production of bile, which is vital for efficient digestion of fatty food. Two ways to use it: either diffuse into a room at mealtime or incorporate it (1-5 drops) into the cooking of fatty meats (particularly delicious with lamb & turkey) and other rich dishes.

One or two celebratory drinks is usually ok, but if you’ve over-done it and need to relieve the main symptom of a hangover - a throbbing headache - add a drop of our organic Peppermint essential oil onto the back of your hand and lick it - repeating every 30 minutes until your headache goes. You can also put 2-3 drops on the back of your neck around the hairline or on both temples, but take care to avoid the eye area. Peppermint can also be used to soothe regular headaches or even migraines at their onset.

The right blend of essential oils create a delicious, gentle aroma but they can also help influence the dynamic of a social gathering with some wonderful, warm scents that support harmony, humour and easy communication (and that’s all you want for Christmas, right there).

Try Ambient Harmony for balance, bliss and easy social vibes. Life Lift to inspire positivity and boost the mood. Or Christmas Season (a warm-wood foundation of Myrrh and Frankincense combined with inspiring pine hues and deliciously spicy comfort notes) to heighten the senses and arouse the festive spirit.

Click on any of the links above to find out more about these pristine, ethically sourced and sustainably produced oils. Remember, only 100% pure essential oils will have a true therapeutic effect on your body, so always purchase from a reputable natural health store or aromatherapy store - or buy online from us directly, right here.

Family games for Christmas: here's your link - have fun!