We would all love to have a head of thick, shiny, bouncy hair. It’s a sure sign of health and vitality. It’s also something that we associate with youth – which is why we feel so confident and attractive when our locks are looking good.

The problem is, for many, ‘good hair days’ are harder to achieve as the years go by. This is due to environmental factors (eg, over-exposure to harsh chemical shampoos, treatments and dyes, plus prolonged use of styling tools like blow dryers, heated curlers and straighteners). But there’s also biology at play. As we age, our rate of hair growth slows, volume diminishes and hair texture can turn from smooth to wiry. Sad but true!

So how to make the most of the hair we have now, and maintain healthy locks into the future? First, here are some basics to attend to - then I will let you in on a special secret: how using select raw natural plant oils as the basis for your hair care regime can deliver astonishing results.

As you may know, great hair has a little to do with genetics, but a lot to do with health. So first and foremost you need to make sure that your diet and lifestyle are in check (the good news is, it’s never too late to start!). Sleep, eat well (omega-3 fatty acids are excellent), drink loads of water and make time for exercise. It’s also important to maintain balance, and manage stress (as stress will deplete the body and have a detrimental effect on hair) – it’s amazing what just a few minutes of yoga or meditation a day can do.

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Importantly, you may also need to wash your hair less with shampoo (I recommend just once a week, following on from the oil treatment outlined below). Also avoid cheap, supermarket-shelf shampoo and conditioners, as the majority of these strip the natural oils from your hair and are loaded with dangerous chemicals such as ammonia, parabens, plastics, silicone and sulfates. Use natural, organic, sulfate-free products to help repair damaged hair and promote a lustrous shine. And of course a 100% natural, plant-based shampoo is the perfect companion to a therapeutic plant oil hair care routine.

Which brings me to...

Hair restorer

Now you could juggle any number of essential oils, offering various qualities to nurture your hair (Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood for example). Or you could save yourself the time and trouble, and head straight for one of our best-selling (and expertly formulated) blends, Hair Restorer, which has it all!

The original concept for this product came about when I was travelling through India. The men and women there have been using oils in their hair for centuries, and the benefits are evident! Around the same time Argan Oil: Raw was emerging as a super star for skin and hair care, and attracting a lot of positive press. So drawing on this inspiration, I set about designing a unique synergy, just for the hair - an outstanding natural product offering incredible, measurable results.

Indeed, Hair Restorer, is a culmination of 30 years clinical expertise, and includes a powerful blend of therapeutic-grade ingredients that have been carefully selected due to their remarkable nutrient content and compatibility with the oils that occur naturally on the human body.


As mentioned, Argan Oil: Raw Organic is the key ingredient. Studies show this wonder oil has the most intense content of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of any known oil - and it’s at a molecular composition that exactly matches the balance in healthy hair and skin. (You can also take Argan internally to nurture your hair and skin from the inside-out, for more info, check out a few of my previous blogs here and here.)

Two more carrier oils are included in the super-synergy that is Absolute Hair Care Oil: Jojoba Oil: Golden Organic - a liquid wax that has a molecular structure very like sebum, complementing natural balance and easily penetrating the hair cell with vitamins and essential fatty acids for long-lasting effect. And premium-grade Avocado Oil: Virgin Organic (far superior to what you can get in the shops) - a thick, waxy and distinctly green, chlorophyll-enriched oil brimming with omegas, vitamins and protective nutrients.

The full ingredient listing for Absolute Hair Care Oil is available right here. Suffice to say there are some super cleansing, conditioning and moisturising essential oils in the mix too, including Geranium and Rosemary Cineol (great for hormone balancing and stimulating to roots) and Cedarwood Atlas (an effective tonic and cleanser) - all of which work together in perfect harmony to provide:

• Lasting, locked-in moisture
• Vibrant elasticity and shine
• Health plus for hair loss, dandruff, damage and frizz
• Natural shield to sun and weather

You can use this beautifully scented, unisex oil as an overnight treatment for damaged hair, to control dandruff and scalp irritation, or to simply nourish and cleanse for a super healthy head of hair.

Once a week, before bed, massage about a teaspoon of hair oil through your hair with the fingertips (obviously depending on how much hair you have). Work it in from scalp to fingertips and apply more at the ends if especially dry. In the morning simply wash and rinse.

For issues such as hair loss or dandruff, repeat the above routine up to three times a week. 

For frizz control and added shine and bounce, apply a small amount by the fingertips through damp hair, or apply a little directly onto dry ends.

Medicinal-grade essential oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value.

- Dr Bo Hendgen