In today’s culture where our girls grow up noticeably faster than previous generations, ‘grown-up’ perfumes are being sold to kids endorsed by their idols, in youthful packaging, and with little question or control about what is in them.

Artificial fragrances contain toxins that can cause health problems

Alarmingly, studies have shown that artificial fragrances – largely derived from petroleum-based chemicals – contain known toxins connected to allergies, cancers and infertility, but there is very little public information to counter the million dollar fragrance culture.

Even less is being done to raise awareness around the fact that our tweens and teenage girls are at an even higher risk of damage with their developing bodies absorbing the effects of accumulative toxins.

Quality perfume begins by sourcing natural products

The good news is that by returning to the roots of quality perfumery and sourcing direct for pure essential oils, we can give our maturing girls both beautiful aromas and therapeutic support for their healthy development, at an appropriate level for a young age.

To create a delicious young fragrance with a light, delicate, quality we simply dilute our pure essential oils in a neutral pure carrier oil to make an aromatic conditioning body blend.


You can easily create your own beautiful toxin-free fragrance

Jasmine in Jojoba Organic is a blend of 3% pure Jasmine in organic Jojoba oil. It is floral and light with a grounding base note and makes a perfect young fragrance that is both comforting and fun. For the tricky teens it can help to balance sensuality with calm and awareness, and it is wonderfully nourishing for the skin.

Rose in Jojoba Organic is a blend of 3% pure Rose in organic Jojoba oil. Rose has a gentle, soothing quality that is balancing and harmonic. It is a delicate, floral fragrance that is well suited to girly innocence and fairy fantasy and this blend is particularly soft and smooth on the skin.

Neroli in Jojoba Organic is a blend of 3% pure Neroli in organic Jojoba oil. Refreshing and uplifting, this is a lively scent with a soft, sweet hue. Nurture happy girls and positive, self-assured teenagers with this bright, young fragrance and beautiful, skin tonic.

Jasmine, Rose and Neroli all work very well together to create a synergy of scent and therapeutic qualities. You can blend any combination of the above scents for subtle variations to match mood or moment.

You can also buy beautifully relaxing and harmonizing Sandalwood essential oil to add a drop of smoothness and depth to each of the above or any combination of the above blends.

Children can make their own perfumes

For those who have children who would enjoy the process of making their own creations, DIY blending might present the perfect gift idea to motivate them in the right direction. For children's use, we suggest you use more accessible pure essential oils that will produce a therapeutic synergy based on similar qualities and fragrances:

Natural Perfume Spritzer

Blend 10ml Ethanol38ml Neroli Water, and 50 drops Absolute Emulsifier

Add essential oils: 5 drops Cedarwood Atlas, 20 drops Lemon, 25 drops Palmarosa

Absolute Essential promotes medicinal grade essential oils to nurture a long and healthy childhood and a balanced transition to maturity.


For genuine therapeutic benefit, make sure you buy 100% pure essential oils from a trustworthy natural health store, certified organic if possible. See our selection of nearly 100% organic and wild products at