Eucalyptus Australiana

Eucalyptus radiata

Origin: Australia
Family: Myrtaceae
Part used: leaves

Eucalyptus radiata, also known as the narrow-leaved Peppermint, is a native to south-eastern Australia. The tree grows up to 50m tall and prefers cooler or wetter habitats. Distillation of the leaves is known to have strong germicidal, antibacterial and analgesic properties. It has long been used by indigenous communities in Australia for medicinal and cultural purposes.
Fragrance notes
Camphorous, slightly minty scent that is sharp and highly pungent.

Blending notes
Blends well with: Peppermint, Lavender Spike, Cedarwood and Thyme Thymol.
Eucalyptus oil is traditionally used by indigenous communities in Australia for skin problems like insect bites and sunburn. The Eucalyptus tree also became known as the fever tree, as it was used to help reduce fever. It has been commonly indicated for treating colds and respiratory ailments, as well as muscle, nerve and joint pain. The fresh, clean fragrance of Eucalyptus has been used to combat exhaustion and to promote mental alertness.

Please note: the traditional uses listed here are for reference only and should not be taken as recommendations for treatment, or cure, of any disease or medical condition. Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body processes towards improved health and wellbeing.
Sinus congestion
Add 5-10 drops to a steam inhalation and breathe deeply for 5 minutes. Repeat as required.

Respiration and congestion
Add 20 drops to 1/4 teaspoon of massage cream or carrier oil and apply three times a day around the throat, back and chest.
Or rub 5 drops on the sole of each foot before bedtime.

Muscle tonic
Mix 5-20 drops with a little massage cream or Olive oil and rub vigorously onto the affected area. Use as required.

Fabric softener
Add 5 drops to wool hand wash. Add 10 drops to the rinse cycle in your washing machine. Use as required.
Allergies - Congestion (Adults)
Blend 1 drop with 1 drop each Lavender Spike and Thyme Thymol, rub the mixture onto the palms of your hands. Cup your hands around your nose and breathe deeply. Repeat as needed up to 6 times a day.
Add 1 drop each of Lavender Spike, Eucalyptus Australiana, Peppermint, Thyme Thymol, and Immortella to a bowl of hot water. Create a tent with a towel over your head and inhale the vapours. Repeat up to three times a day.
Safety considerations
It may be irritating to sensitive skin. This product is less suitable for children under 6 years old. Safe to use with other medication when necessary. If accidentally ingested do not induce vomiting, follow with olive oil or milk and seek advice from a health specialist. Avoid contact with eyes - flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.

Please note: Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body processes for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as a recommendation to cure any medical condition or disease.
Key ingredients
100% pure Eucalyptus radiata, distilled leaves, Australia
Key component
1,8-Cineol, Limonene, alpha-Terpineol, alpha-Pinene