With Christmas fast approaching, what better time to harness the rejuvenating, balancing and calming effects of essential oils to keep stress levels low, and joy levels high! Here we look at how to create a worry-free, merry environment for you and your clients.

Looking to natural remedies to help reduce anxiety and stress, and allow the body to rejuvenate and rebalance is a smart choice. Even smarter is taking one step further and discovering the natural genius of 100% pure essential oils – along with the positive impact that the right aroma can bring.

Scent molecules produce a natural chemistry at the brain’s receptors to influence energy control, mental activity and emotional triggers. The effect is subliminal, which makes it easy to create an atmosphere that’s guided by molecules in the air, to promote calm and address imbalance and tension.

How does this translate to your clinic or work environment? Let’s look at reception first, as this is the initial point of contact for your clients. Absolute Essential suggests:

The power of citrus - for a better reception area
Add 10-20 drops of citrus oil/s to a diffuser, change throughout the day

  •  MORNING Lemon Oil (fresh, uplifting, supports clear thinking & decisiveness) AFTERNOON Orange Oil (positive & pleasant, promotes harmony & emotional balance)
  • AT ANY TIME add a few drops of Lime Oil (vital life energy & effective action) or 5 drops of Grapefruit Oil (stimulating, cleansing & revitalising)
  • AT STRESSFUL MOMENTS switch out to Bergamot Oil (supports balance & natural composure).

When it’s calm and relaxed, no-one minds waiting
Your waiting room should be a clean, serene and healthy space that prepares your clients for treatment.

The following blend can help:

  • 5 drops Orange Oil (welcoming, relaxing, eases anxiety)
  • 3 drops Eucalyptus Oil (general disinfectant)
  • 2 drops Cedarwood Oil (grounding, harmonious, makes the scent last longer in the diffuser).

Putting the ‘treat’ back into the treatment room
Your treatment room should always be relaxing and welcoming, but it also needs to be physically and energetically clean. Essential oils can help as most of them possess antibacterial and anti-viral qualities. You can also add a few drops of Sage (NB: not pregnancy safe) or Frankincense between patients, to create a sense of a new space. Here are two excellent treatment blends to try (depending on the mood you wish to create).



Absolute Essential also offers exquisite, ready-to-go pure blends to support emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Try the following products to keep stress levels low:

AMBIENT HARMONY: Gently euphoric and very open. It is wonderfully balancing and can be used to encourage humour and clarity.
STRESS LESS: For those wanting natural support in times of tension and pressure, this pristine organic blend has ‘nature identical’ components that integrate with the nervous system for natural calm and mental quiet.

At the end of the day or after a busy week, spray all surfaces, eftpos machines etc with this natural and safe disinfectant, so no germs can brood over the weekend. 


NB: always use scent that’s mother and child safe, and one that won’t cause allergic reactions. Remember, staff will be exposed to it all day, so aim for something not too confronting, but universally pleasant, to keep your team alert.