For many of us, watching children become increasingly burdened and stressed out, as they grow up in the ever more demanding school system, can be difficult to bear.

girl stressed due to study

Never before have young people been exposed to so many different influences and never have the pressures of education been so pronounced.

As parents, we are expected to support our schools and help our children to focus on their studies, but there are growing concerns about the effects of too much pressure on the current school generation.

What can a parent do, beyond the basics of trying to maintain a healthy routine and a nutritious diet?

Is there more that can be done to promote concentration and productivity while helping them to stay relaxed and confident in themselves?

Using therapeutic essential oils to help your children do well in school

Unlike common essential oils, therapeutic essential oils (organic and 100% pure) work as powerful aromatic medicines. The effect they have on physical, mental and emotional well-being can be profound when used correctly. Having them at home for family care can be transformative, not least because they work naturally with the body to nurture an optimum state of being.

Pure essential oils for study time

The right essential oils can clear the mind, wake up the senses and help calm the nerves for more effective concentration. In the same way that an evocative scent can bring up memories from the past, a familiar ‘study aroma’ can help a student recall information in exams or presentations.

brain power organic - absolute essential
When it comes to homework, mix scents with common sense and genuine support:

  • Diffuse Lemon, Rosemary Cineol and/or Bergamot organic essential oils (10 drops max). Or try full clinical synergy Brain Power.
  • Create a clutter-free, quiet and comfortable working space.
  • Help set the habit of working to a mini-schedule of achievable chunks - maximum 40 minutes each (maybe have fruit-snacks on hand for each chunk completed).
  • When you can be available, help break up the work by chatting with your child how each ‘chunk’ has gone (as a mini review), before they move on.
  • When it comes to feedback/input try to avoid blanket praise like ‘great job’, and instead highlight successful process such as ‘I really like how you wrote down each stage before you started’. Research shows this creates more successful and independent thinkers.
  • Whatever essential oil or blend you decide to use, you can put a drop or two on a handkerchief to take into exams and presentations. A quick inhale will help to focus and calm the student and to connect with their study memory.

Pure essential oils for relaxation time

child sleeping
For some parents, the idea of encouraging their teenagers to relax may seem wholly unnecessary. Whether you have a couch potato or a sports fanatic on your hands, genuine relaxation is a life skill that can make a significant difference to productivity and stamina.

Certain essential oils are relaxing and have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The right combination of calming, soothing oils can help your child find inner peace and become centered in a quiet meditative moment; or let the tensions of the day go for a good night’s sleep.

  • Differentiate between lounging around and genuine relaxation by choosing the right moment to diffuse Lavender True, Orange Sweet and/or Chamomile Roman organic essential oils (10 drops max). Use also for bedtime, or try a full clinical blend for greater synergy: Dream Time.
  • Help create more effective relaxation by dropping above oil/s into a pure carrier oil such as Organic Sweet Almond and use for massage - shoulders and neck, or hands and feet are easy alternatives to full body massage (5 drops to a palm serving of carrier oil).
  • Drop above oil/s into the night time bath (5-10 drops), or in the night time body lotion (5 drops per palm serving).
  • For those who tend to express their stress as anger, pure Sandalwood has been proven to help enhance calm and reduce anger – it has a pleasant woody aroma and can be dabbed on pulse points as a personal scent. Diffuse it also (5-10 drops) to enhance meditative and quiet creative moments (art, music etc.)

Pure essential oils for life vitality

The secret to a successful, creative life is healthy balance.

Ideally, your child should be going to bed relaxed and starting the day with energy and enthusiasm (teenagers ideally need about 9 hours sleep a night).

Use a simple but effective boost of concentrated pure Grapefruit essential oil to gain an advantage on the day. Or, for the adolescent with a habitually gloomy outlook, get some extra help with a clinical synergy like Life Lift that has special punch to uplift emotions and refresh the mind.

  • Diffuse light, cleansing Grapefruit or Life Lift in the bedroom about 5 minutes before wake-up time (5-10 drops).
  • Morning showers can be given an extra zap by adding 5 drops of Grapefruit to a wet face cloth for a post shower rub down (great for toning the skin too).
  • Add 1 drop Grapefruit to the morning glass of water for a detoxifying, cleansing and immune-boosting zing of flavor.


Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of pure essential oils is how they enable us to impart a sense of comfort and nurture without being too intrusive or overbearing - a huge plus when it comes to navigating the teenage years!


Medicinal-grade Therapeutic Plant Oils must be 100% pure. At Absolute Essential we use certified organic or wild grown (sustainable) plants to produce our oils and all extraction processes are strictly controlled to produce the best quality oil with a maximum purity and therapeutic value. See more at Absolute Essential.