Treating acne with essential oils

People who suffer from acne often find a measure of control through aggressive skin treatments that involve low concentrations of salicylic acid and benzyol peroxide. Though they work to ‘peel’ the skin and reduce bacteria, the main problem with that is the need for consistent, frequent use which quickly becomes harsh and drying to the skin – not a recipe for healthy skin.

We all know that acne is connected to our hormones but no one cause can be held responsible.

Each person has their own threshold of tolerance for stress and environmental factors, and genetics might also be involved. So while the main equation is that of excess oil and blocked pores, stripping the skin indefinitely is a rudimentary measure that is at best the lesser of two evils.

It makes absolutely no sense to challenge the skin with harsh chemicals when the ultimate goal is natural health and vitality.

Because the immediate goal is to lessen the impact of unsightly spots, any treatment needs to be reconsidered when it ends up adding flakey discoloration to the list of visible issues. This is a risk with very drying, stripping products. It is also important to realise that the nature of acne is unpredictable and easily influenced by life fluxes (a move to the city, stressful situations, a pregnancy…).  Sudden flare-ups can take you back to square one very quickly.

What you really want to find is a way of cleansing the skin and removing grease and dead-skin build-up that is both effective and gentle.

If we cleanse and clear the skin with pure natural ingredients (if possible certified organic), we are giving our skin a much stronger chance to recover a healthy equilibrium that will look and feel better overall.

And a very important fact to remember is that scaring will be much more prevalent in malnourished, critical skin that does not have the full means for recovery.

If you look up chat forums, many people with acne mention the use of Tea Tree essential oil in a positive light. But with the OTC (over the counter) and prescription culture firmly established in acne treatments, further essential oil and plant therapy that is actually more beneficial and effective, is often overlooked.

Sulfur can make marked improvement for some acne sufferers and is probably effective due to a dual stripping and anti-microbial action.

But what we have with pure essential oils is even better...

When you know which ones to use, you can access a whole range of antibacterial and anti-microbial properties that are integrated with renowned skin tonic qualities.

clear skin essential oil

Clear Skin is the Absolute Essential skin synergy that we recommend for problem skin. While we would certainly agree that Tea Tree is a great natural cleansing astringent, in this blend we call upon a range of even more beneficial essential oils that you might never have heard of, such as organic Palmarosa, Geranium, Lavandin and Rosemary Cineol.

The idea is to condition the skin and balance hormones as much as to cleanse and reduce bacteria

For this reason it is fine for frequent use. You can add a few drops to water to wash your face. Add to a hot-warm cloth compress for steam cleansing and dab directly on spots.


When I was in Hong Kong working, I held a clinic and met a young Asian girl of about 16 or 17 years old. She had really bad acne and deep cysts included (the kind that is often treated with corticosteroid injections). I couldn’t help thinking that the extent of her skin problem must have been connected to the pollution and stress of city life. I prescribed only natural products that I knew to be skin tonic because I didn’t want to create further issues and I wanted to give the girl some measure of relief as quickly as possible – all the ingredients I used were soothing and smoothing to the skin.

This is the effective natural treatment for full blown acne

A clay mask (Clay Powder: White Argyle diluted in Lavender Water with 3-5 drops Clear Skin) for 15 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.

After that apply Soothe Skin which is an Aloe based balm with all the great cleansing and healing essential oils integrated into it (Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Myrrh…) and including Evening Primrose Oil that carries hormone balancing properties into body systems.

The reasons for choosing a fine clay mask to exfoliate and cleanse (rather than a chemical strip) are many:

  • it works to increase blood circulation and the flow of oxygen to healthy tissue (thus assisting nutrition, repair, regeneration and general resilience to infection)
  • it is naturally detoxifying, antiseptic, curative and balancing
  • and it absorbs excess oil, exfoliates, rehydrates and delivers essential minerals
  • after all this, it leaves pores cleaned-out and closed-up with a wonderful natural smoothness

This became her daily routine. The result was an instant sense of relief; after about 10 days an end to the cysts and a reduction in outbreaks and over a few months, a marked improvement in her scaring and general skin condition.

As always, I remind you to only use pure natural ingredients from a reputable natural health products outlet. Purity is the best possible option for troubled skin.


For genuine therapeutic benefit, make sure you buy 100% pure essential oils from a trustworthy natural health store, certified organic if possible. See our selection of nearly 100% organic and wild products at